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Summer Home Trends

Home Hacks Carley Fletcher July 22 3 minutes reading time

 Spring has sprung and the humidity that comes with summer is creeping into the air. It's time to put away your big fuzzy blankets and give your home a rejuvenation. Summer 2019 decor tips and trends prioritize natural, sustainable elements and simple living – something we can all appreciate.

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 5 Summer Home Decor Trends to Refresh Your Space:

1. Plants

Plants are the epitome of warm weather - they bring life, a welcoming feeling, and style into any room. Easy to manage house plants include the Chinese evergreen, fiddle leaf fig, air plant, ZZ plant, and mother-in-law's tongue. Plants create a natural and organic ambiance with added texture and color. When it comes to color, plants with light green or yellow foliage add an extra pop to your space, creating a vibrant summer atmosphere. Not interested in purchasing plants from a store? With the endless variety of plants in bloom, you could re-pot an outdoor plant and bring it into your home (just make sure to de-bug it).

2. Open Shelving

Hiding plates, cups, bowls, and other kitchenware is a thing of the past. Open shelving is a popular choice among homeowners. Not only does it act as a design accent to a main scheme, but it opens up your kitchen, creating easy access to the items you use most (and it gives you a good excuse to upgrade your kitchenware for a nice matching set). Open shelving is particularly useful in smaller homes, because it makes rooms feel bigger. If possible, opt to put your cabinetry in the base units so the walls remain open and bright.

3. Environmentally-Friendly and Sustainable Products

Sustainability continues to be a trend. According to the National Association of Realtor, 61% of people are interested in home sustainability. Some of your favorite homeware stores are bringing awareness to the creation of environmentally-friendly and sustainable products. Check out what Anna Granath, Product Developer at Ikea, is doing to help this cause. You can incorporate environmentally-friendly and sustainable products on a small and large scale. Smaller investments include purchasing sustainable decor and furniture, while larger impact investments include energy-efficient appliances like geothermal heat pumps and PV solar, creating the potential for a net-zero home. It is possible to build (or remodel) sustainable, net-zero homes on a budget.

4. Organizing

If you're like us (and it seems everyone else), you've been binging Marie Kondo's Netflix series, Tidying Up, all winter. Well, now is the time to put what you've learned to use! Organizing, decluttering, and cleaning doesn't have to be stressful. Bring in smart storage solutions (i.e. storage bins, food saver containers, shelving racks...the list goes on) to effectively tidy up your home and not just shove it in a closet (we're all guilty). A good old fashioned spring cleaning, even if it doesn't happen until summer, will give your house a breath of new life.

5. Vibrant Patterns and Prints

Summer home decor wouldn't be complete without vibrant patterns and prints. Now is the time mix-and-match combinations that sing warm weather. Whether it's a bold-colored wall, floral wallpaper, vibrant throw pillows, or a new rug, it can make the room feel more energetic and fresh. Don't be afraid to get adventurous! Pro tip: Use removable wallpaper to get that bold look without the full commitment.

If you're interested in making a larger impact sustainable investment, check out how geothermal and PV solar work together.

Download the 5 Reasons Why Solar + Geothermal Make Sense When Paired Together  Infographic 


Carley Fletcher


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