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Can Cicadas Affect My HVAC System?

Bethany Marsch May 24 3 minutes reading time

Yes, they absolutely can. Cicadas can cause problems with multiple components in an air conditioning system. Their shells can block airflow, which reduces efficiency and clogs heat exchangers. This year is a monumental year for cicadas. In 1990, there were reports from people in Chicago having to use snow shovels to clear their sidewalks of dead cicadas. Experts expect this to happen again, with numbers expected to be anywhere from 50,000 cicadas per acre to 1.5 million cicadas per acre. 

The cicadas are emerging now, but their shells will be left behind and potentially stuck in your air conditioner's condensing coils or fan if not treated. To make things more complicated, cicadas are attracted to HVAC systems. They confuse the noise from the condenser fan with their mating call and enjoy the warmth radiating from outdoor condensers.

How to Protect My HVAC System from Cicadas

Be proactive in protecting your air conditioner. Look for cicadas and their shells that could be clogged in and around your outdoor condenser. Schedule your HVAC contractor to inspect and clean your condenser once the cicadas have returned underground. To ensure maximum protection, consider adding a screened fence and lid around the condenser to prevent the cicadas and their shells from infiltrating. 

There's No Need to Worry About Cicadas with Geothermal

You don’t need to worry about cicadas if you have a geothermal system. Because a geothermal system has only indoor and underground components, cicadas cannot damage the system. If you have solar panels, it’s not well-known whether the cicada emergence will affect them. Rinse them off frequently if you see them piling up on your panels. 

It’s a historic summer with millions of cicadas entering our space. While they’re an excellent food source for many animals, they’re not ideal for air conditioners with exterior components. Remember to monitor your outdoor condenser during this time, or take a sigh of relief and relax if you have a geothermal system heating and cooling your home. 

In addition to being cicada-proof, see what other great benefits an Enertech geothermal system offers you and your home. We'd love to chat with you about your interest or recommend an installer who can tell you if geothermal is right for you!

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