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How to Gather Customer Feedback to Market Your HVAC Business

Carla Morris May 14 6 minutes reading time

Whether you advertise in print or online, quotes and testimonials from satisfied customers speak volumes about your HVAC business. Potential customers see themselves in the experiences of others. When homeowner Riley says, "Your team helped me understand my options and arrive at an affordable and satisfying solution,” potential customer Alex thinks, That’s just what I need.    

Where do you find great quotes? Often, in customer feedback that you proactively gather. If you are new to soliciting feedback, keep these tips in mind: 

  1. It’s best to seek feedback when the experience is fresh in your customer’s memory.  
  2. It’s best to make the process as easy as possible for your customer. 
  3. Build it into your “business as usual” routine, and it will be easy for you, too.  


  1. In-Person Survey/feedback Cards – After you finish a job, leave a short survey or feedback card with your customer and express your appreciation for them filling it out at their convenience. Leave the card or survey on-site if arrangements don’t permit a personal conversation.  
    Make it easy: Include a pre-paid and pre-addressed envelope for easy return. 
  2. Email Survey/feedback – Send post-service emails to your customers expressing thanks for their patronage and inviting feedback. Personal emails are more likely to grab attention and prompt action. Personalize your message by addressing the customer by name and signing off with your name. 
    Make it easy: Tell them how to respond (for example, clicking on a link that takes them directly to a response form, or replying to your email, or dialing a phone number).  
  3. Follow-Up Calls – A week or two after completing a service or installation, follow up with a phone call to gather feedback directly. In this case, waiting a bit gives the customer time to experience the improvements. A follow-up call demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and provides an opportunity for customers to voice concerns or suggestions. 
    Make it easy: Plan questions that are brief and to the point. Assure your customer that you have just a few follow-up questions that won’t take long. Keep your word.   
  4. Local Business Listings – List your business on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, or Facebook to receive customer reviews and feedback. Coach installers and customer service reps to point customers to these platforms.    
    Make it easy: If you reference these in an email, supply links to those platforms.  
  5. Existing Materials – Include your request for feedback on printed invoices or receipts.  
    Make it easy: Include simple instructions for the customer to follow, like calling a phone number you supply, emailing an address you give, or accessing a feedback form on a web address you provide. 


Always gain a customer’s permission before sharing his or her words publicly. Clearly outline how you plan to use their testimonials in your marketing materials and obtain explicit consent before using them. 

Highlighting positive feedback helps build trust with potential customers and reinforces your reputation as a reliable HVAC contractor. From single-sentence quotes to full-page features, great user experiences help you connect with others who could use what you have to offer. 


Carla Morris


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